1. Rant About Other People Telling You Your Identity

    I try to keep this blog mature, but honestly I’m incredibly pissed off right now and need to rant. I’ve told VERY few people I’m a fox therian, and it took a lot of trust for me to do so. Right now, I feel like I don’t even want to bother telling anyone anymore because apparently it doesn’t matter anyways. Yesterday a self proclaimed “magician” or whatnot came to my home and saw me for a total of maybe 2 minutes before I left to go to my room. Today, my friend who is friends with this magician says to me, “So, I talked to (magician) and he says you’re fae, not otherkin. Sorry!”

    I’m used to people calling me fae (seriously, is it the dying my hair bright colors thing or does everyone just tell everyone they are fae to try and show off how “sensitive” they are?). Usually I find it cute, kindly tell them, “No, sorry” and move on. What bugged me about this is that my friend was implying that this random magician had more merit to tell me what I was than I did. Seriously, “you’re not otherkin, sorry.” Um, no. I know who I am, not this random guy. Also, if you believe that my identity was incorrect and you just figured out who I “really was”, you really should have put it a different way because apparently my whole world is crashing down as my life swirls from vulpine tendencies to flitting around being a pixie.

    No one should EVER tell someone else what their identity is. If you try and analyze me and guess, and make it perfectly clear that you are guessing, that’s fine. I understand you are curious. If I don’t tell you and you take it upon yourself to try and figure out, fine. Guess, and I will either correct you or congratulate you for figuring it out. But seriously, this just really rubbed me the wrong way.

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      I feel you. A lot of people fail to understand that 10^9 KNOW much better who we are! We are Bacteriakin. No matter how...
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    4. your-deer said: Sorry to hear you dealt with that recently. It does seem that the identity police have been out in full force lately.
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      [snip] Never mind the rudeness… how the hell would being fae make you NOT otherkin? If the types were reversed - “sorry,...
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